ODOREX 品牌是德国Odvital GmbH公司旗下品牌。起源于1898年,其意义为国王的遗产,由Wilhelm Schoen 博士创建。公司在1930年在德国Sachsen州以卫生用品为基础开始研发与皮肤护理有关的产品。很快随着工业时代的到来,Sachsen州成为了德国化工基地。虽然经济得到了带动,但很快环境污染也成为了人们的困扰。公司立刻决定把全部精力放到了研发皮肤除皱和延缓衰老上。最终在不断的努力下,新型的护肤液和乳霜(除皱精华和玻尿酸的前身)终于诞生了。这也使得Odorex名声大震。因此Odorex1945年投入了当时最现代化的灌装生产线并“建立了ODOREX-Innovation-System”。 这一举措把公司在市场的地位也推到了新的高度,为其在1968年成功研制出自己特有的抗皱玻尿酸和身体清爽系列产品奠定了基础。并令这些产品至今仍列于市场热门护肤品之席。

     Odvital集团经过多年对中国市场的考察,于2017年底在天津成立中国首家子公司-Odorex Bio-chem Scientific and Technology Development (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. 并于同年又成立了浙江子公司。Odorex秉承了老牌德国企业严谨的一贯作风, 并没有马上在公司成立后将其欧洲产品立刻带入中国而是经过两年的调研期去调整更符合中国消费者皮肤的产品。 并决定在2019年下半年再将其全部主打产品带入中国市场。目前公司主打产品有,维度玻尿酸安瓶,鱼子酱精华乳液,抗皱保湿精华,阿尔卑斯高山玫瑰面霜,眼霜,止汗露等等。


The ODOREX brand belongs to a German company Odvital GmbH. The brand created by Dr. Wilhelm Schoen in 1898, which means the legacy of the king. The company started to develop skin care related products based on hygiene products in Sachsen, Germany. Coming with the industrial age, Sachsen became the German chemical center. Although the economy has been driven, environmental pollution has turned to be a problem for people too. Therefore, Odvital decided to put all energy to research products related to skin unwinking and anti-aging. With the constant efforts, the new skin lotion and cream (The predecessor of the wrinkle essence and hyaluronic acid) launched, which also built up the reputation of Odorex brand. So the company invested the most modern bottle filling line in 1945 and established “the ODREX-Innovation-System”. This improved the company’s market position to a high level, which was also the foundation for its success of the unique anti-wrinkle hyaluronic acid and body refreshing products in 1968. The more existing thing is that these products are still listed in the current market as hot skin care products.

After several years’ research on Chinese market, Odvital GmbH set up Odorex Bio-chem Scientific and Technology Development (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.  in late 2017 as the 1st Chinese subsidiary. The second one in Zhejiang city was established as following. As a traditional long history German enterprise, Odorex chose to use 2 years to adjust the products to Chinese customer’s skin instead of shifting all European stuffs to Chinese market in the beginning. The group decided to bring all main products to China in 2nd half of 2019, which involves Multi-layer Hyaluronic serum, Caviar, Wrinkle-smoothing serum, Alpen rose Stammzellon cream, eye cream, Antiperspirant, etc.


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